All talks are conducted by Sylvia Langford based on her experience and work.

Conference for Youth


Duration: 1 hour

A reflection that encourages young people to seek their dreams and work for them.

Dreams are found through silence, listening and reflection, and come true through systematic work, maximum effort and discipline.

When we find our dreams there is a meaning or a direction to follow, which allows young people to be an entrepreneur of their lives. An entrepreneur is a person who makes decisions, acts and “makes dreams come true”, that is, he knows that being happy is a choice.


  • Reflect on the importance of having a dream in life and develop the willpower to work for it.
  • Understand the importance of systematic work, effort and discipline to achieve their goals in life, feel in peace and happy.
  • Be aware that every change starts and depends on what we do.
  • Search for a meaning to our life.
  • Make decisions and start doing.
  • Choose to be happy and be consistent with that decision.
Liceo Bosque Nativo, Puerto Montt, Chile

Charla para padres y/o apoderados


Duration: 1 hour

A reflection that allows parents to understand how difficult and chaotic it is to “be parents” when there is no leadership or consistency.

Through simple, everyday examples, parents are able to identify and recognize their overprotective attitudes and behaviors with their child and its consequences.

This reflection allows decisions to be made to improve family life and to become parents with leadership without falling into authoritarianism and far from permissiveness, that is, to be calm, patient, close, clear in their instructions, systematic and consistent.


  • Revise and identify the consequences of lack of leadership and consistency.
  • Understand that children and young people are a reflection of adults´ behavior and attitude.
  • Review and identify the characteristics of parents that have leadership.
  • Review and identify how value formation is developed.
  • Understand what a “tantrum” is and how to extinguish it.
  • Review and identify “tantrums” and adult´s responsibility.

Educate children`s emotions to achieve a better family coexistence.

An example of the Talk “It is not easy to be Parents”

Teacher Talk


Duration: 2 hours

A reflection that allows teachers to understand how difficult it is to teach and have good results in all students without leadership.

Through simple and daily examples, teachers are able to identify and recognize their overprotective and/or friendly attitudes and behaviors with their students and the consequences it brings.

This reflection allows us to understand the importance for teachers to recover their leadership to generate better conditions for learning.

The leadership allows teachers to form habits based on values and to develop skills in students.

A work proposal for the Langford Method is presented, where teaching leadership and the formation of habits based on values are worked in different programs, through the development of different skills: mental calculation, English, graphomotor training, oral and body expression, etc.


  • Review and identify the causes of stress in teachers and students.
  • Review and identify what is happening in the classrooms.
  • Review and identify the consequences generated by the adult`s inconsistency.
  • Review and identify what type of student we are educating.
  • Regain teacher leadership.
  • Review and identify “tantrums” and adult´s responsibility.
  • How to achieve a better classroom climate.
  • Presentation of the Langford Method and its results.
Colegio Madre de Jesús, Maipú, Chile