This section has books of interest for young people, parents and teachers.

Libro de orientación para jóvenes


It is a book for personal reflection used for guidance. This book has 15 questions that concern young people and how people have managed to solve them.

Some of the questions are:

  • Can natural disasters be reversed?
  • What can we do to stop climate change?
  • What can we do to plant more trees?
  • Since when is our planet suffering?
  • How can we stop deserts advancing?
  • What can we do to make our dreams come true?

At the end of the book, young people are expected to carry out their own projects and propose solutions to current problems.

Libro de orientación para padres y/o apoderados

Orientation book “HARMONY IS THE WAY!!!”

A long time ago I started working for a dream… I want to live in a world where there is peace and harmony. Where we remember how simple it is to live. Where we respect and listen to each other. Where each of the inhabitants has its place and its importance. Where there are no wars or violence. Where love and trust are again the pillars of our society. Where children`s eyes shine. Where laughter replaces weapons. Where there is no abuse, yelling, mistreatment or aggressiveness. Where animals can live. Where the birds sing. Where nature is admired and respected. Where we collaborate instead of competing. Where there are no good or bad. Where we stop looking for disease. Where we believe that peace is real and not a simple word. I thought about it a lot and couldn`t find a way to start. Simply walking… one step takes you to the next.


“Harmony is the way” is the result of those traces; my experience and learning. It is an invitation for us to become aware, make decisions and act, so that together we can achieve the changes that the world needs.

Libro de orientación para profesores


Muchos colegios tienen problemas en el clima de aula y la convivencia escolar, donde los estudiantes tienen dificultades para aprender y comportarse. Hace más de 20 años estos problemas fueron detectados por especialistas, señalando sus causas y entregando diferentes estrategias para abordar los síntomas, pero la realidad de los estudiantes no ha cambiado significativamente.

Today, the situation in schools has become critical, and solving these problems has become urgent because teachers, as well as students and parents, are struggling, and results are quite poor.

Why have these problems not been resolved? What are we lacking then, if we have more and more knowledge?

The objective of this book is to review the causes behind classroom climate and school life as a means to uncover the underlying difficulties students experience in learning and behaving. Through appropriate questions and answers we can arrive at the root causes of these problems and design coherent strategies to address them, and thus make the problem disappear.