Children ages 6 to 10.

Los programas Bamboo constan de 50 sesiones de práctica con material audiovisual y un libro de ejercitación.

Desarrolla y ejercita habilidades emocionales y cognitivas:

  • Self-control, peace, tranquility and respect.
  • Good studying habits: a clean working place, correct posture and holding the pencil.
  • Autonomy: follow instructions, make decisions and execute.
  • Insight: take conscience of the effort done during the activity
  • Self-discipline: carrying out systematic work with effort.
10Bamboo Mascotas
Bamboo Mascotas
11Bamboo Pandy
Bamboo Pandy
12Bamboo Iglú
Bamboo Iglú
13Bamboo Mar
Bamboo Mar
14Bamboo Playa
Bamboo Playa
15Bamboo Desierto
Bamboo Desierto
16Bamboo Astronauta
Bamboo Astronauta
11-Bamboo Piratas
Bamboo Piratas